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1. What is steam boiler?
Answer: Steam boiler is a steam generator producing steam at high pressure than atmosphere
 Figure 1.1 :  Steam Generator

2. What is temperature?
Answer: It is a measurement of heat energy level of hotness.
                 It is a measurement of Hotness / Heat Energy

Figure 1.2 : Temperature

3. What is pressure?
Answer: It is a measurement of force per units’ area.
Figure 1.3 :  Pressure Gauge


4. What types of boiler?

a) Electric Steam Boiler

Capacity:    15 kg/hr to 500 kg/hr

Pressure:        7 barg to 10 barg
                      7 kg/cm2 to 10 kg/cm2
                      100 psig to 145 psig
Manufacture:    Simon (Australia)
                       Fulton (USA)

Figure 1.4: Electric Steam Boiler


Capacity:    1000 PPH – 60000 PHH
Manufacture:    Mechmar Titan Boiler
                       IBAC Robey Boilers


Figure 1.5: Fire Tube Boiler



c) Water Tube Boiler – liquid fuel and solid fuel

                                                  Capacity:    200 kg/hr  – 60000 kg/hr

                                                 Manufacture:    Fraser I
                                                                         Fraser II (1993-1994)
                                                                         Bi Drum

Figure 1.6: Water Tube Boiler

5. What types of pass in Fire Tube Boiler?

a) Two (2) pass fire tube boiler.

Figure 1.7: Two Pass Reverse Flame Fire Tube Boiler

b) Three (3) Pass Fire Tube Boiler

Figure 1.8: Three Pass Fire Tube Boiler

6. What are other types of boiler?
a) Combine Boiler (Water Tube – Fire Tube Combination Boiler)

Figure 1.9: Combine Boiler


b) Water Tube Boiler (Bi-Drum)

Figure 1.10: Bi-Drum Water Tube Boiler


Figure 1.11: Principal of Bi-Drum Boiler

c) Tubeless Boiler





Figure 1.12: Tubeless Boiler


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