Sunday, 8 July 2012

Boiler Equipment House part 2

5. Inspector Pressure Gauge Attachment
                Purpose:              For double check of pressure gauge function by JKKP inspector

6. Blow down Valve
                Purpose:              For boiler water blow down so as to control the boiler water TDS.
                For boiler water level manual control so as to test the water level controllers

7. Feed water check valve
                Purpose:              One direction flow of fluid into the stream boiler
                Prevent back flow of steam into feed water tank

8. Low-Low Water Level Alarm
                Purpose:              To give warning on second low water level
i)                    Low-low water level alarm
ii)                   Low-low water level lock out

9. Low-Low Water Level Cut off (Burner Lock Out)
                Purpose:              To prevent boiler over heating failure

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