Monday, 9 July 2012

Boiler Equipment House part 3

10. Two Feed Water Pump or 1 Pump Plus 1 Steam Injector Attachment (pressure 30% higher than boiler operating pressure)
                Purpose:              To pump water into boiler

11. Fusible plug
Purpose:              Mechanical way to prevent the boiler from overheating, when all the other safety features fail

12. P.M.D. Plate/Registration Plate
                Purpose:          To identified boiler registration with related authorities (JKKP, DOSH, etc..)

13. Manufacturer Name Plate
                Purpose:              Specification of the boiler

Common Question:
  1. Name the 13 Essential Fittings.
  2. How many necessary boiler fittings?
  3. Describe the functions of some of the essential fittings.

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