Monday, 9 July 2012


How to start a boiler?

Pre start up list
  1. Water check 
a)      Check softener proper functioning
b)      Check TDS of softener outlet water using the standard test kit
c)       Check water tank level
d)      Open the related water supply value, if needed
e)      Check chemical pump functioning and the chemical tank level to be fill up, if needed.
f)       Open the feed water pumps’ isolating value
g)      Check for any abnormal leakage along the water supply system.

  1. Fuel check
a)      Check daily fuel oil tank level, refill where necessary
b)      Check for abnormal leakage from the daily tank until the burner
c)       Check ring main pump function
d)      Check and clean fuel filter, if needed
e)      Open the fuel oil isolating valves along the flue supply line to enable proper fuel flow.

  1. Boiler check and Boiler start up
a)      Check for any abnormality
b)      Open flue gas damper, if applicable
c)       Close main steams valve
d)      Open air vent valve
e)      Check for proper setting of water level gauge glasses
f)       Open pressure gauge cock, if needed
g)      Check pressure troll setting
h)      On power supply to boiler panel
i)        Switch on feed water pump to automatic mode
j)        Do boiler bottom blow down and observe the corresponding function of feed pump, chemical pump and the water level controller, to be proper.
k)      When the above is done and the boiler water level return to high level, switch the burner
l)        Observe the boiler firing, to be normal and built up the steam
m)    Once the first steam appear at the air vent, shut the air vent and let the steam built up to the setting operating pressure
n)      Slowly open the main steams valve to allow the steam flow to the required area

  1. Boiler shut down
a)      Off burner
b)      Off supply oil ring main pump and shut off fuel supply valve from daily oil    tank
c)       Off main steams valve
d)      Do a bottom blow down (feed water pump will do the filling up job).
e)      Release steam from safety to 0 psig
f)       Open air vent after steam is completely released
g)      Shut off the water supply system
h)      Off power supply.

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